The professional description of electric bikes is Pedelec, which is a combination of Pedal, Electric and Cycle. It is said that the word of Pedelec comes from Japan. The essential difference between Pedelec and Chinese Electric bikes is that most of the so-called e-bikes in China have removed the pedals of bicycles and become electric motorcycles, which use only electricity as the power source and completely replace human labor. Pedelecs operate in a hybrid mode of “human and electricity”. Electricity is added not to replace human but to strengthen human (like Iron Man’s armor). Therefore, electric power cannot drive the bike independently without stepping on the foot. In addition, one of the biggest differences between Pedelecs and e-motorcycles is that Pedelecs are almost equal to ordinary bicycles from the appearance, if the Pedelec is cut off or turned off, it becomes an ordinary bike and can still be ridden freely. Compared with cars, the use cost of city electric bicycles is much lower, no exhaust, no traffic jam, no parking problems.

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