So laden und entladen Sie den Akku eines Elektrofahrrads

Lade- und Entladeprinzip der Batterie


The process of charging a battery for an electric bike: by inputting electrical energy, the lead in the battery solution is reduced to metal lead to store electricity.


Best electric bike battery discharge process: The principle of working is to change the chemical reaction of metal lead and electrolyte into ion lead and release the electric energy. Charge and discharge of electric bike is a simple chemical bidirectional reversible process, and it is not complicated.


Matters needing attention for electric bicycle charging


It’s best not to plug the electric bicycle battery to the charger for a long time, even if the charger does not stop charging the battery. When the battery is charged, the battery is perm, the liquid is leaking, the battery is inflated and the battery has been overcharged at this time. 75% of the damage to the battery is due to this reason, and everyone should pay attention to it.


After the full battery charger will automatically stop, someone have to wait for the green light to stop charging charging. The temperature of the charger is relatively high when working, the parameters of the internal electronic components will drift after long-term use, which will lead to the change of the output voltage charging stop voltage, so it is not scientific for the charger lamp to turn green.


Don’t recharge it every day, so it’s easy to overcharge it. The life of the battery is calculated by the number of charging times. Even if electricity is not used up, the charge is wasted once a day, unless you ride more than 30 kilometers a day. If the battery is found to be hot during charging, stop charging and take the charger and battery for repair.

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