Methoden der täglichen Verwendung und Wartung von Elektrofahrrädern

Many people’s 24 inch wheel electric bike are often used for a period of time, only to discover that the batteries are broken, and even after the new batteries are replaced, the batteries are quickly broken, due to improper daily use and maintenance. The good battery matches the good charger ability to display the good performance.


Matters needing attention in use


When you go up a bridge, climb a slope, head wind, or take a ride, use manual riding to avoid the impact of high current on the battery and increase the mileage. When electric bike start, they should be biked first, and then driven by electric power after a certain speed.


This avoids the effect of high current on battery, motor and driver, increases mileage and prolongs service life.


Charging method


When the use of electricity is found to be less than 30% or so, should be charged in time. Long-term deep discharge (cycling to system forced power outage) or too shallow discharge (riding only 1 km2) can affect battery performance. Charge the battery with 70 batches, the battery performance is the best.


It is best to charge the battery in a cool, ventilated and dry place. Direct sunlight or Rain Water can have a bad effect on the performance of batteries and chargers. Batteries and chargers should be kept away from other heat sources when charging.

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