Vantaggi eccezionali della bicicletta elettrica pieghevole 24 ruote

As for the advantages of folding electric bike, one is that folding electric bikes are lighter, with the same battery capacity, the natural length of life will be longer. On the other hand is the power pedal folding electric design, so that users can also ride in the battery is normal.


Users won’t be trapped on the road because of lack of electricity. From this point of view, users don’t have to worry too much about the endurance of the folding electric bike. For traditional electric vehicles, it is the most important factor to consider, and this has become a big advantage for the folding of electric bicycles.


The battery of electric vehicle is one of the parts that everybody pays attention to all the time, and the battery will affect not only the miles of the electric vehicle, but also the weight, the continuance, the price of the electric vehicle, etc.


Among the mainstream battery types, lithium battery is the most suitable battery type for electric vehicles at present. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, large capacity and long life. Most of the folding electric bicycles are designed with lithium batteries, in addition to ensuring that the folding electric bicycles are better in performance. At the same time, lithium batteries also help to protect the environment, so folding electric bicycles is a more environmentally friendly vehicle.

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