Le prestazioni di sicurezza della bicicletta elettrica pieghevole

According to the current national folding electric bikes standards , electric bicycles still fall into the category of non – motor vehicles. The maximum speed of the electric bicycle cannot be greater than 20km / h, and this standard is also applicable to folding electric bikes, so most of the folding electric bike for sale on the market limit the speed to within 20 km / h.


For electric bicycles, a certain speed limit is very important for safety, and to a certain extent, it also ensures the safety of cyclists.


Most of the folded electric bikes are designed with lithium batteries to ensure that the folding electric bikes are better in performance. Although the new national standard for electric bike will come out sooner or later, it can be predicted that there will be certain limits on the speed, weight and size of electric bikes. Although these measures will bring some confusion to people, it will be a great help to the security.


The electric bike has the characteristics of environmental protection, convenience and rapid development of the electric vehicle, and is more comprehensive in application. It can ride power like a bicycle, extending the range of folding electric bikes.


The folding design is also better adapted to the needs of the portable travel, and the needs of the users with a variety of uses. The large size of the folding electric bike also allows the folding electric bicycle to adapt to more complex pavement conditions.


On the basis of satisfying the actual demand, folding electric bike is more fun to ride and more versatile, which is one of the important reasons why many people choose to fold electric bike.

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