Regelmäßige Wartung des Elektrofahrrads, um gute Bedingungen zu erhalten

After charging the lamp, the test instrument is used to detect the data. The voltage of the new battery is not higher than 59.5, and the battery of folding electric bike about half a year is not higher than 58.8, which is normal, and the voltage above this voltage may not turn the lamp.

Low output voltage: repair welding circuit board. Test machine, then replace the input and output large capacitance again. Low output, hot, if the output voltage less than 40 more than V, and the power tube, transformer hot, generally there is a problem with the transformer.

Difficult to start, sometimes cannot start, patching circuit board, post-test machine, if you still need to replace the input part of the small capacitance for a new test machine 50v47uf.

For example, 48v charger, the maximum voltage is not more than 59.6v, the charge voltage may not turn on the lamp, the low voltage is not lower than 55v, the lower voltage causes the charging insufficiency, and it is easy to lose power to the battery for a long time.

Current, such as 48v20a charger, the maximum current is not more than 3a. greater than 3A may cause the battery to lose the water earlier, the minimum not below the 2.1a. low voltage this current causes the lack of charge.


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