Zum Schutz des Controllers von Elektrofahrrädern an regnerischen Tagen

In rainy days, it is best not to ride electric vehicles. If there are no other means of moving, you should try not to let them rain. The simplest way is to cover up the controller.

In addition, when the electric vehicle is stored in the open air, the battery should be removed and placed indoors; after the electric vehicle is caught in the rain, the electric vehicle should not be connected to the power supply hastily, because once connected, it may cause a short circuit; Clean the battery and connector with a rag or tissue before starting. That’s the guarantee of fat tire electric bike has a good working condition.

The internal power supply of the controller generally adopts three-terminal voltage regulator integrated apparatus, and generally uses 7805U 7806U 7812127815 specification voltage stabilized integrated circuit, their output voltage is 5vU 6vU 12vU 15V respectively.

Set the multimeter in the DC voltage 20vdc) gear, put the black meter pen and the red meter pen respectively * on the black line and the red line of the switch, observe whether the multimeter reading is in accordance with the nominal voltage, Their up-and-down voltage difference should not exceed 0.2 V, otherwise the controller internal power supply failure. General brush controller can be replaced by three-terminal voltage-stabilized integrated circuit troubleshooting.

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