Caricabatterie bici elettriche Comune 4 Guasti e Manutenzione

In this case, it should be checked whether the voltage components are in bad or damaged contact. If everything is normal, then the charger should be replaced to exclude the fault.

It has a lot of heat, and it’s accompanied by an unusual noise that doesn’t charge.

The fault is caused by the output stage dampening resistance and capacitance damage. In addition, the open circuit or virtual welding of bici elettrica con pneumatici grassi will also cause the above faults.

Output partial copper foil burning

When the charger is turned on, it is found that the copper foil of the charger output is broken, which is usually the result of the reverse connection of the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. The failure caused by this will lead to the damage of many components of the charger.

If the charger fuse is not broken, the broken copper foil is usually connected to normal after replacing the components. If the fuse of the charger is broken, the fault is more serious and it may be necessary to check and replace each damaged component one by one.

When working, there is an abnormal sound, the power indicator and the charge indicator are dark and flashing.

The cause of failure is the damage of components, the replacement of damaged components, and the charger output voltage in the normal working range.

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