Come escludere il guasto della flessione della ruota posteriore della bici elettrica

When riding an electric bike, even though the handlebars are in the right position, the rear wheels drive to the left or right. This is called electric bike back wheel deflection.


Electric bicycle line


The first reason: the front axle nut loosens. The elimination method adjusts the front axle rolling bearing clearance, tightening the front axle nut. The second reason is the relative motion between the handlebar and the front fork due to collision or loosening of the core bolt. The exclusion method screws the core bolt.


The third reason: the front fork tube or front fork leg deformation. The elimination method corrects the front fork riser or front fork leg, if the fault can not be eliminated, the front fork should be replaced.


Electric bike back wheel is at the front fork and the rear wheel slosks in the frame fork or the vertical fork. The first reason: the nuts of the front axle or rear axle are loose. The exclusion method: fastening. The second reasons: the rolling bearing of the front axle or rear axle is loosely assembled. The elimination method: adjustment.

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