Relazione tra controllore elettrico e motore

The electric vehicle controller is the core controller used to control the starting, running, moving, moving, speed, stopping and other electronic devices of the bici elettrica pieghevole. The electric vehicle consists of two parts: software part and hardware part. There are many kinds of electric vehicle controllers in the two parts of adjustment and different collocation.

Software part: including the realization of many functions of the controller, the motor driving signal, the detection of the maximum current, the detection of the working state of the controller, the power of starting, Startup speed can be based on different tastes of customers to debug different sizes and feelings, such as debugging speed and slow start, with voice speakers, motor noise, variable speed and other software adjustment can be achieved, and debugging is more convenient.

Hardware: although the software of the controller has a very strong ability to detect and protect, the quality of the hardware directly determines the life and performance of the control. The key components in the controller are: power mos transistor, voltage stabilizer, the controller chip, electrolytic capacitance and aluminum shell are all directly related to the power and working temperature of the electric vehicle controller, and directly restrict the key parameters of the controller, which cannot be compensated by software.

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