Handige en gebruiksvriendelijke elektrische fietsset met middenaandrijving

Electric bike don’t have the same ability to shield themselves from the wind and rain as cars do. Of course, these limitations still cannot offset its incomparable advantages over other vehicles-fast, environmental protection.

Electric bike, with more than 200 million people in use, have solved the problem of the last kilometer of travel by men, women and children. In order to make the electric bike more comfortable and safe, many electric bike riding enthusiasts will choose mid drive electric bike kit for their own bike and make the trip safer.

Special knee protector

Kneading is definitely a relatively small number of electric bike outdoor accessories. High-quality knee-protection equipment can play a better wind, rain and warm function. In addition, in the event of a traffic accident, accidentally fall and fall, it can also play a protective role. Bike riding is necessary for knee protection in autumn and winter, at least reducing the risk of rheumatism in old age.

Mobile phone support

When people travel in cities without getting lost and finding their way, many people choose maps with their mobile phones to navigate the way. Riding electric bike will also encounter situations where navigation is needed.

A mobile-phone support is convenient for cyclists, freeing their hands and allowing electric bike owners to ride their way to their destination.

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