Overmatige afdichting van voedingskast en verwarmingszekering van voeding

The over sealing of best all terrain electric bike and the heating phenomenon of the power fuse.


Most of the power boxes used for electric bicycles in the current market are closed. When the battery is charged, especially at the end of charging, it produces a certain amount of hydrogen and a small amount of oxygen, which accumulates at the top of the power box. This brings hidden trouble to the safety of the power box, when it meets spark or heat source, it will cause explosion.


Generally speaking, “battery explosion” actually refers to “power box explosion”.


Because the fuse (especially installed on the power box) is subjected to large electric current for a long time, it causes the fuse seat to heat and lose elasticity, resulting in poor contact, resulting in heat softening or even melting the abs plastic on the power box, and producing sparks. It can also cause an explosion in the power box.


Therefore, the design must consider the power box air smooth, to avoid airtight.

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