Cinq techniques pour l'entretien des batteries de vélos électriques

Charge in time after using up. Do not allow electric vehicle battery to be placed for a long time without electricity, otherwise the battery plate will be sulphate.

Recharge once a week. The green light, said battery can be used or basically adequate power, but from 100% there is a gap, every week or every two weeks for a long time for battery charging. That is, after the green light to continue to charge, the time can be controlled in about 16 hours, this can improve the battery life of electric vehicles.

Pay attention to keep the battery clean. We should always clean the dust and dirt on the battery cover and fat tire electric bike, pay attention to keep the battery dry and clean.

Pay attention to check the pressure of the tire. It is hot in the summer, can lower the air of the electric bicycle properly; other seasons can be higher. The high pressure of the tire saves electricity.

Do not refill the battery with light. It is incorrect to recharge the battery after it is completely released. The greater the discharge depth, the shorter the battery life.

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