Cinq conseils pour protéger la batterie d'un vélo électrique

Pay attention to pedal booster start. When electric bicycle starts, use pedal booster to avoid excessive discharge current and damage battery.

If the electric bicycle does not use for a long time, pay attention to the battery charge and then place, check the electricity monthly and check fat tire electric bike;

Do not add alarm. If it is not electric friction, it is best not to add security devices, not very effective, and increase the burden of batteries;

Install firmly. Install battery firmly on electric bicycle to prevent vibration damage.

Don’t be too persistent. If the battery is particularly hot during charging, don’t keep charging! Go fix it!

Battery is the power source of electric bicycle, and it is also a kind of consumable product, and the price is high. Therefore, it is not only advantageous for the tram to maintain good working condition, but also can prolong its service life, which has great practical value.

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