Comment réparer un composant important lorsque le vélo électrique tombe en panne

The best crank drive electric bike controller is used to control the startup, operation, advance and retreat, speed and stop of the electric bike, and the core control device of other electronic devices. It is just like the brain of the electric bike, and an important part of the electric bike.


What should consumers do when they choose an electric bike controller? How can such an important component fail?


The role of Electric bike Controller£º


Drive the motor to rotate


The motor speed can be adjusted by changing the motor driving current under the control of the turnstile.


The brake control is realized by cutting off the output current under the control of the brake handle.


The battery voltage is detected. When the voltage stored in the battery is close to the “discharge termination voltage”, the controller panel (or instrument display panel) is used to show the lack of electricity, and the cyclist is advised to adjust his or her itinerary. When the stop voltage is reached, the signal is sent to the comparator by the sampling resistance, and the protection signal is output by the circuit, which causes the protection circuit to send out the instruction according to the pre-set procedure, and to cut off the current to protect the charger and battery.


When the current is too high, the over-current protection circuit can stop the motor and avoid the harm to the motor and controller. In addition, some controllers also have anti-flying vehicle protection, cruise speed limit and other functions.

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