Een overzicht van oplader voor elektrische fietsen

For electric bicycles, in addition to batteries, motors, and chargers, it is also one of the important core components of the electric bicycle. The charger is mainly composed of rectifier filter, high voltage switch, elektrische fiets met dikke banden, constant voltage and electric control.

The purpose of the rectifier filter circuit is to convert the AC 220 v voltage to the voltage about 300 v of the tributary. Through the high voltage switch circuit and the voltage exchange, the low voltage DC voltage needed for charging is generated, and then the battery is charged after controlled by the charge control circuit. The charger in this way has the advantages of small volume, light weight and high efficiency.

High output voltage

The output voltage is very high (more than 50 V / L), which is caused by the short circuit or open circuit of a component, and the foot voltage of the integrated circuit can be measured when judging concretely.

After replacement, the charger output voltage of the car should be measured again with multimeter, the normal value should be between 41-44v. If there is deviation, the components should be adjusted to keep the charger output voltage normal.

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