Het verhogen van de nominale stroom is niet goed voor een elektrische fiets

In order to meet the short-term and high capacity charge of electric bicycle battery, the constant voltage value has to be increased to 2.47 V or 2.49 v in the three-stage constant voltage current limiting charging.

In this way, the oxygen evolution voltage of the positive plate and the hydrogen evolution voltage of the negative plate are greatly exceeded, but fat tire electric bike is useful parts.

In order to reduce the charging time, some charger manufacturers have increased the current of constant voltage to float charge, and when the charge indicator has been charged, it has not been charged, which is compensated by raising the floating charge voltage.

Thus, the floating charge voltage of many chargers exceeds the single cell voltage by 2.35 the oxygen evolution is still extensive during the floating charging stage.

However, the oxygen cycle of the battery is not good, so it is constantly exhausting during the floating stage. The constant pressure value is higher, which ensures the charging time, but at the expense of loss of water and vulcanization.

Constant voltage value is low, charging time and charge is difficult to ensure. On the basis of improving the grid alloy of the battery, increasing the gas evolution potential, improving the performance of the oxygen cycle and improving the efficiency of the sealing reaction, the maximum charge voltage is controlled below 2.42 v, that is, the hydrogen evolution potential is lower.

This will inevitably lead to an extension of the charging time, which requires adding a negative depolarization pulse to the high current charge (current limiting charge) state, improving the charge acceptance of the battery, and charging more power at the time of the high current charge. Shorten the charging time.

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