De instructies van de elektrische fiets moeten de volgende inhoud hebben:

How to build electric bike cheap price and superior performance? Don’t use electric bike until you read the instructions carefully and don’t lend them to people who can’t handle them. Tightening torques should be recommended for fasteners with horizontal pipes, risers, saddles, saddle pipes, and wheels: the safety line of the riser and the saddle pipe should be paid attention to.


Lubrication position, lubrication cycle and recommended lubricating oil. Correct chain tightness and adjustment method. The adjustment of the brake shoe and brake exchange advice, pay attention to the rain, snow riding should increase the braking distance.


Correct use and maintenance of motor, controller and battery. Method for proper use of charger. Technical parameters and performance indicators of gb/17761-1999 standard Appendix A (standard appendix).


Matters needing attention in the use of electric bike


Must comply with the operating requirements of the electric bike. The battery can’t be put on hold for a long time and recharge at least once a month. Battery discharge must be fully stored after cycling, otherwise the battery life will be greatly affected, and serious battery will lead to battery scrapping.


When the power is exhausted, the system will automatically break off power. However, when the power supply is turned off, the battery will appear a “virtual” voltage (reactive voltage), which must be recharged, otherwise it will cause over discharge of the battery. This damage to the battery will be irreparable.


Continuous mileage 40-50km of electric bike. The mileage during actual use can be influenced by many factors (such as frequent braking, starting, uneven road surface, low temperature, upper steep slope, backward wind driving, insufficient tire inflation and large load weight).

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