Wat zullen we doen met Enter-Water van elektrische fietswielset?

Electric bike usually take a lot of waterproofing measures, so it doesn’t matter if they get wet by Rain Water, which doesn’t mean they can run in the water at will. We should note that the electric bike wheel kit should not be recharged immediately after being wet by Rain Water, but must be put in a ventilated place to dry and recharge.


The controller of the electric bike is easy to cause the motor to reverse, after the electric bike is soaking badly, the owner can unload the controller and wipe the water inside, then use the hair dryer to dry it and install it again.


electric bike wading riding, water resistance, easy to cause the imbalance, riding in the sections of water, in case of water to open the top of the manhole cover, it is very dangerous, so, in sections of water, had better get off the implementation.

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