Como é a vida útil da bateria da sua bicicleta elétrica?

If you don’t have the most basic life span of a year, here are a few reasons:

Charger: two-stage charger circuit is simple, cheap, and easy to cause voltage instability. Overshoot, floating, unprotected, directly affect fat tire electric bike life.

Controller: low cost, incomplete function, excessive discharge current, no overload, undervoltage, current limiting protection, resulting in excessive battery discharge damage, which may potentially affect battery life.

Motor: low speed, brushless motor, motor weight, iron loss, large copper loss, magnetic and steel demagnetization, low efficiency, no clutch, poor gliding function, no power immediately increase resistance, large current consumption, Driven by high current discharge. In the same situation, the battery life is affected by higher power consumption and shorter running mileage than brushed high speed motor.

Scooter mostly with low speed, brushless motor, vehicle weight, riding without power, resulting in short battery life.

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