Como escolher uma bicicleta elétrica dobrável adequada

The strength and performance requirements of folding electric bike parts should be higher than that of bicycle. When choosing and purchasing, the user should look at the quality of the parts used in the whole folding electric bike, for example: are there any defects in the welding of the frame and forks, is the manufacturing of all parts excellent.


According to my actual needs and love, choose the appropriate specifications, styles and colors. First select the appearance quality of the vehicle, mainly see whether the trademark and the decal are in good condition, whether the surface quality of the paint, the electroplated part, the plastic part and the aluminum alloy piece is satisfactory or not.


You¡¯d better to try to use switch key and battery lock, your first choice is safe, reliable and convenient. Many domestic manufacturers use a simple charger. Although the charger is relatively simple to charge, it is easy to cause insufficient or excessive charging and damage the battery.


And the products of the powerful charger manufacturer will generally be transferred to the famous brand battery and the complete set of the folding electric bike factory. Most of them will buy high – quality accessories for the sake of brand effect because of the very strict detection equipment and means of famous brand manufacturers.

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