Como prolongar a vida útil da bateria da bicicleta elétrica§Ö

If you maintain battery as following method, your electric bike is the melhor bicicleta elétrica. In order to prolong the battery life of electric bik§Ö, consumers must be sure to understand electric bik§Ö and read§Öl§Ö§ãtri§ã bik§Ö instructions carefully before buying and using electric bik§Ö. No one knows more about electric bik§Ö¡¯s battery than the factory.


The factory has a great deal to do with the three batteries in a group, and the big factory should do better in this respect.


Consumers should inflate tires adequately. The tire gas is not enough, except for electricity, the outer tire will be damaged prematurely. With less use of large current , such as direct current – on startup , frequent braking and direct power – on start – up , when we climb a high slope , we don ‘ t need to step on the §Öl§Ö§ãtri§ã bik§Ö, etc .


We need to charge the battery often. But there¡¯s a bit of a mistake to avoid: don¡¯t charge the battery every day. Charger should choose good quality. You can¡¯t afford to buy one at a cheap price, the charger of the electric bike accessories manufacturer with large output is good.


Regular maintenance battery. When buying a battery, say well to the seller, go to the store free of charge and go to the seller to check the battery to determine if it needs to be maintained by 9-10 months.


When buying a battery, we negotiate with the merchant and go to the merchant for free. In general, the Seller shall check the battery to determine whether maintenance is required at 9 – 10 months. Battery maintenance is mainly liquid addition.


We try to avoid the brakes, and the frequent brakes can affect the brake dexterity and the battery capacity. Speed should not be too fast, the faster the speed, the greater the battery loss. Do not use the motor directly to start the §Öl§Ö§ãtri§ã bik§Öin a static state. It is best to start the §Öl§Ö§ãtri§ã bik§Öwith the help of a foot at the same time.


Finally, if one of the three batteries in your electric vehicle is broken, you must replace the three batteries. It’s not good to change the bad one. It’s a reason to not mix the new and old batteries in the flashlight.

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