Bicicleta elétrica inteligente se torna o principal desenvolvimento

Since the first electric bicycle powered by electricity came out, the electric bicycle industry has been developed for nearly 20 years. The annual sales volume and social security of electric bicycles are increasing year by year. By the end of 2013, China¡¯s electric bicycle has exceeded 1.81 million vehicles.


In fact, with the development of electric bicycle industry, the competition between brands and industries is becoming more and more complicated. Many industry insiders believe that the electric bicycle industry needs to be upgraded and upgraded.


According to the experience of the developed countries, the lithium battery electric bicycle is the development direction of the future electric bicycle. Since electric bicycles are known for their portability, they should be maximized in the direction of portability.


The high-end development of electric bicycles is still a long way to go, but fortunately, the high-end demand of consumers has already pointed out the direction for the development of electric bicycles.

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