O desenvolvimento do mercado de bicicletas elétricas nos Estados Unidos

American electric bike experts estimate that the size of the US electric bike market is about 65 thousand in 1999, although it is still small, but up to 400%. From the previous year.


U.S. electric bike experts estimate that in 1999 the U.S. market for electric bikes was about 65,000, a small increase of 400, 000 from a year earlier. In 2000, sales of more than 120 thousand vehicles, the urgency of the EU market.


The sales channels of best ladies electric bike 2017 in the United States are mainly divided into large retailers and independent stores. The total sales of large retailers account for the vast majority of the retail market in the United States. They are mainly price-oriented and concentrate on the juvenile market with low unit price. Price range from $69 to $169.


Electric bike independent specialty stores to sell high – quality vehicles, and can meet individual needs, the brand price is from 200 to thousands of dollars, and the average price is about 300 dollars.


According to the statistics made by the National Bicycle Dealers Association, about 72% of the bicycles sold in the United States are sold by cars, 24% are sold through specialized stores, and 4% are sold through sporting goods stores, warehouses or mail order.


While stores account for just 24 percent of U.S. bicycle sales, retail sales account for almost half of all retail sales. In addition, stores also control most of the parts and customer service service market. In the United States, the age level over 45 is the main consumer.


In addition, the United States police are also the main group of electric bike consumption. As the U.S. government advocates saving costs and encouraging less cars, more people will use electric bike in the future. In particular, the use of cars and motorcycles is gradually replaced by short trips and commuters.

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