o Método de Remontagem de Bicicleta Elétrica por Mountain Bike

How to refit mountain bike? The way to convert a mountain bike into an electric bike is actually very simple, and here we’ll share with you the way mountain bikes are converted into electric bikes. The first step is to reverse the bicycle, remove the electric bike kit 700c front wheel, and move the axle 0.5 cm to the flywheel, or replace the longer axle, as the case may be.


The second step is to take out the threaded ring (that is, the accessories shown in the diagram), swirl into the original bicycle flywheel, and link the decelerating flywheel with the bicycle flywheel with a chain shaft (note here that the two flywheels should be linked in the same direction. The third step is to fit the wheels back into the frame with two chains (one for the bicycle and the other for the motor).Adjust the treadle sprocket with 4th steps, remove the bicycle fender, remove the treadle axis, and push the treadle back to the far right. 5th step is back in place. After fastening, the flywheel should have a distance of about 2 millimeters from the bicycle tripod, so that there is no gap between the flywheel and the frame.


Installation motor:


The first step is to remove the motor and its bracket and fix the motor to the bracket. After the second step, the motor frame straight board is pushed right up against the bicycle triangulation bracket until the chain is taut and fastened slightly with fastening rings and screws. The third step is to carefully adjust the position of the motor, so that the motor sprocket and the deceleration flywheel are on the same plane. When the motor plate is designed, a larger screw hole is reserved to adapt to different vehicle types. As long as the adjustment is carefully adjusted, the position of the motor can generally be adjusted.

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