Belang van periodieke diepe ontlading van elektrische fietsen

Een regelmatige diepe ontlading helpt ook om de batterij van elektrische fietsen te activeren en de capaciteit iets te verhogen. De algemene methode is om de batterij regelmatig te ontladen.


The method of complete discharge is to ride to the first under voltage protection under the normal load condition of flat road surface. Note that we place special emphasis on the first under voltage protection.


After the first under-voltage protection, the battery voltage will rise after a period of time, and then return to the non-under voltage state. At this time, if the battery is reused, the battery will be very harmful. After complete discharge, the battery is fully charged.


Use glide as much as possible. If downhill, use early power cut to slow down. Skidding ahead of time when you are about to encounter traffic lights to minimize braking. A friend told me that he would rather turn one more time than cut the brakes once, which makes sense.


When starting, it is best to add riding aid, not only to increase startup speed, but also to reduce battery loss and life damage.

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