Hur ska elfordon laddas korrekt?

There are two main principles to be grasped: the first principle is to charge frequently and the second principle is not to overcharge. The above 2 conditions will seriously affect the service life of cheap electric bike, if the longer the idle time, the more serious damage to the battery.


Why not over-discharge but often charge?


The battery forms lead sulfate when it discharges. The battery restores lead sulfate to sulphuric acid and lead in the charge. If the discharge is deep or if the charge is not timely, lead sulfate cannot be reduced, resulting in sulfidation of the plate.


What is the harm of charging too long?


The charging time is too long to consume the water in the battery , accelerate the vulcanizing process of the polar plate , and gradually decrease the capacity of the battery due to lack of water until the battery is filled and discarded .


How to hold the right charge time?


Charging time: the right for the green light after the float 1 – 2 hours, and then cut off the power supply.


The electric car charger doesn’t have overcharge protection function. Although the green light is on, but because it can’t cut off the power, the battery is still charging, continuing to decompose and evaporate the moisture in the battery.


Not timely charging and overcharging time are the main causes of the short life of the battery.

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