Du känner inte till nyckelpunkterna med en hopfällbar elcykel

How fast is an electric bike? The dashboard of an electric bike is generally virtual and the speed has been adjusted. At present, the speed of the universal motor is at 32kmg / h, 48v / 350wN, and the special motor can reach more than 50 kms. The battery power of the folding electric bike also has a great impact on the speed of the vehicle during its use. The speed of power supply is fast.

What brand should I buy? My advice is not to choose a brand, choose a dealer. Choose your local largest distributor of electric bike, generally early to become electric car dealers have several brands, the largest sales of the brand profit is also the highest. Therefore, it is recommended to buy the second brand of the largest local dealer, reasonable price, after-sale service is also guaranteed.

The charger is not important. Because the charger is an external device during the use of the electric vehicle, many people ignore the importance of the charger. Good charger must meet the following requirements: MCU digital control, pulse repair function, temperature compensation function, balanced charging function, no output protection function.

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