La précision des paramètres du chargeur affectés par la dérive des paramètres du chargeur

The first is the drift of the cold and hot state parameters and the decrease of 0.1 v-0.35v in the maximum voltage of the hot state than that of the cold state. The reason for this kind of problem is the improper selection of the electronic components or the inadequate aging conditions. In the drafting of the new industry standards for best foldable electric bike 2016 batteries and chargers, parameter drift has been taken as the assessment index.


The second case is the chargers carry with the car and drift by vibration, this kind of parameter drift probability is very high, and the harm to the battery is also fatal. It is recommended that when selling the vehicle, the charger should be explained to the user why it should not be carried along with the car. At the same time, the corresponding anti-shock measures are taken on the internal structure of the charger.


In a word, it is hoped that when designing, producing and selling electric bicycle manufacturers, they should fully consider all aspects that affect the image of the whole vehicle, especially the details related to the operation of batteries, so as to eliminate the potential hidden dangers of electric bicycles. To ensure the healthy and orderly development of the electric bicycle industry, so that the industry will become a popular sunrise industry.

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