La batterie peut être facilement détectée par les méthodes suivantes

Now the lead acid battery is generally used, the regular detection of lead acid battery must detect the actual capacity, generally 0.5 c as the standard discharge rate of 2 hours capacity value, if not up to the manufacturer’s prescribed capacity value. It can be changed during the repair period.

Measure the terminal voltage of the battery of folding electric bike and test the short-circuit current of the battery. If the terminal voltage of the battery is high, but the spark is very small in the short circuit, it indicates that the battery has open circuit and so on. Pay attention to check the virtual welding of the exposed terminal and the serious corrosion of the pole.

After charging, the battery terminal voltage is measured immediately, then placed for more than 5 hours, and then the terminal voltage is detected again. If the voltage drop is very large, and in the process of re-measurement, the voltage is still decreased by a large amplitude. The battery self-discharge is very serious, generally need to be replaced.

During the charging process, the heating of the battery is serious, but under the condition that the battery has not deformed, the charging current of the charger should be checked. Generally, the charging current of the 10-14ah battery is about 1.6-1.8a or more than 17ah-20ah and the charge current is about 2.5-3.0a.

For the battery, due to serious heat loss of moisture, so the need to add water. The simple operation is as follows: open the face cover of the battery, turn down the 6 safety valves of the battery, add about 6ml of pure water or distilled water to each single case, and use pulse charger to charge the battery with a deep charge of 0.5 c. Once more, there should be a big improvement.

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