Classificatie volgens het werkingsprincipe van elektrische fietsmotor:

At present, the electric bicycle which can be seen in the market can be divided into: rare earth permanent magnet brushless motor, rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC motor, rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC motor, opvouwbare elektrische fiets.

In the actual production process, because the toothed DC motor is a high-speed motor, the teeth of the gear are very small and easy to wear, but the power is large, and the climbing ability is strong. However, the brushless DC motor eliminates the trouble of carbon brush in two or three years.

And brushless DC motor, in the use of the process saves two, three years of carbon brush trouble. However, because of the process of controlling brushless motor, the precision is very high.

Moreover, the price of the brushless motor controller is also higher. In contrast, the brushless DC motor needs to replace the carbon brush, but it is very easy to change the carbon brush, and the control of the motor is relatively simple, the motor runs smoothly, and the safety factor is high.

In terms of running speed, the motor can be divided into two types: the direct drive type with low speed and strong distance motor with high speed and the deceleration type with high speed motor. The former has the advantages of low noise, simple structure and high reliability because of saving the reducer, but the weight is heavier than that of the latter.

Wheel type is suitable for low speed direct drive, while middle type is generally high speed motor deceleration type. Although there are many kinds of motors, but in terms of its mainstream

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