O que você precisa prestar atenção ao andar de bicicleta elétrica?

Try not to use zero start for best value electric bike, especially when loading heavy items and uphill. When starting, the manpower shall be used for riding, and when a certain speed is reached, the electric driving shall be carried out, or the electric walking aid shall be used directly.


Because when starting, the motor must first overcome the static friction force, at this time the current is large, approaching or even reaching the resistance current, so that the high current of the battery works and accelerates the damage of the battery.


When riding the best value electric bike, try to use human or electrical help, especially when you are up a hill, carrying a load, driving against the wind or making a bumpy road, be sure to use manpower to help you ride. In this way, the battery can be avoided from discharging at high current for a long time, and the battery can be damaged, which is beneficial to increase the continuous mileage of the primary charge and prolong the service life of the battery.


Electric bik§Ö to rough or steep slope (generally less than or equal to 8 degrees) of the road. In case of such a road, slow driving or getting off should be carried out. The working environment of motor, controller, and battery and so on under this kind of road is poor, which will reduce the service life and be easy to damage.


Electric bik§Ö should avoid frequent braking and starting, before or at the same time, speed control should be turned back, in the area of road support, as far as possible use of human riding. In this way, the damage of high current to the battery can be avoided.

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