Como proteger bicicletas elétricas em mau tempo

Best electric bike in the world shall be used in cold weather. It shall be driven by manpower or electric drive as far as possible. And we should also pay attention to the power and voltage indication of the battery. When the weather is cold, the discharge depth of the battery should be reduced, and the state of the battery should not be under the state of under pressure. This is because the storage capacity of the battery and the discharge capacity are reduced when the weather is cold.


The standard load of electric bike is 75 kg, and overload shall be avoided as far as possible. If the overload driving, should use the human riding, manpower.


Electric bike is not afraid of rain and snow weather. However, water level should not exceed the lower edge of the electric hub bearing seat to prevent damage caused by the inflow of the motor. After a rain and snow day, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. If electrical parts are immersed in water, they should also be dried with a hair dryer to avoid corrosion of iron parts and electrical leakage, short circuit, etc.


When riding an electric bike in rainy and snowy days, the speed should be reduced properly, and the brake should be paid more attention to increase the braking distance to prevent side slip and turn around, so as to avoid endangering personal safety.


The electric bike should avoid long sunlight exposure and should be placed in the shade. Sunlight exposure will accelerate the aging of paint, plastic, rubber and electronic components, and reduce their service life and reliability.


Electric bikes should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, free from corrosive liquids and gases. Store the vehicle upright, tire pressure adequate; body weight not to be loaded; and storage battery should be stored separately.

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