Batterinät och batteripolgruppsstruktur för elcykel

Battery grid

Battery grid is an important component to determine the sealing performance of the cell. Now the battery grid produced by electric bicycle manufacturer mainly adopts lead-calcium-tin alloy. This alloy is one of the core technologies of sealed batteries. However, improper handling will cause the battery to have an early loss of capacity, and fat tire electric bike cannot work properly.

In order to avoid the shortcomings of lead-calcium-tin alloy, many manufacturers use lead-low dysprosium-cadmium alloy.

To a certain extent, the alloy can overcome the early loss of capacity, but it will bring about gas production, large self-discharge, accelerated water consumption, and heat runaway in the later period of battery life, and the phenomenon of charging no turning lamp at the beginning of the battery.

Battery pole group structure

The number of electrode plates in the battery group is 11 / 13 / 15 / 17. The smaller the number of plates, the lower the process cost. However, the smaller the number of plates, the greater the current density per unit area of the plate, which is not conducive to the use of the battery. Battery capacity is low and service life is short.

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