Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

Electric Cruiser Bike

Electric cruiser bikes have multiple features that make them the best options for achieving controlled speeds when cruising around the park. The cruiser bikes have different gears, which allow the rider to reach higher speeds without losing control of the bike. Also, these are the perfect electric bike company model for anyone who wants a reliable beach cruiser for summer.

You can order any of the electric beach cruisers from our company and have them delivered to your location. These bikes have excellent patented flat foot technology and other features that all cruiser e bikes should have.

We have made it easy to invest in these bestselling electric beach cruiser bikes. All you have to do is send us a customer contact form, and we will create and process your order.

How to Choose the Best Electric Cruiser Bikes

Newbies may find it difficult to choose the best electric bikes because there are too many options on the market. But we have made the selection process easy, so read on the know more about choosing the perfect cruiser electric bike suitable for your outdoor activities.

Choose Electric Bikes with Reliable Brakes

You should only buy cruiser electric bikes that have reliable brakes. The brakes are essential features that allow you to control the overall bike speed. This means you stay protected from accidents or crashes when riding on a busy beach.

Not all bikes have good braking systems. This is why you should only buy an electric bike from a trusted source like our company. We sell different beach cruiser models with responsive brakes you can apply on short notice to avoid a collision, whether you are riding on a road or beach.

Choose Beach Cruiser Electric Bikes with Wide Tires

Wider tires help improve balance when riding the beach cruiser electric bikes on the beach or road. Electric bikes with wider tires are safer and can be used on wet roads on a rainy day.

Check the Bike’s Top Speed

Some electric bikes have a top speed limit of up to 28 mph. This is perfect for bikes you would like to use very often.

Other features to look out for are the handlebars which should be comfortable with a good grip, and a rear rack to secure your stuff while riding.

Product Category Description – Electric Cruiser Bike Models

Here are some of the best electric bicycles you should consider buying:

New Cruiser Electric Bike

These electric cruisers have a uniquely designed bicycle frame with a 350W rear brushless motor. The operating system is eco-friendly, powered by a 36v Samsung lithium battery on the down tube that has an extended lifecycle of up to 800 times.

The pro-wheel alloy cranks and double-wall alloy rims are built to last for years. Also, the tire specifications are- Fate tire – 26 inches, 3.0.

The allow Promax seat post is comfortable, allowing you to ride in an upright riding position, and the handlebar is made from high-quality alloy. This beach cruiser electric bike also features an LCD meter, which allows you to use the multiple functions of the bike.

The braking system features the F/R Tektro disc brake, which is super reliable. This bike can reach 45 km with PAS at a max speed of 25 km/h. And it has a loading capacity of 120 kg.

E-Bike with Cruiser Style for Women

This eco-friendly cruiser bike is incredibly comfortable because of its upright geometry and wheel sizes. The suspension Seatpost fits riders of different body types, and the 350W electric cycle motor is designed to match the best cruiser style.

With an intelligent controller and pedal assisted system, this bike reaches up to SRAM 7 speeds, and the 48v Samsung lithium battery is super-reliable. Also, the alloy cranks and double-wall alloy rims are built to last for years.

In addition, the bike features a CNC alloy seat post, and users can control the performance via the multi-functional LED meter. The battery has a charging time of 6 hours and a recharging cycle of 800 times. This electric beach cruiser bike can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h when covering up to 80 km. And it has a loading capacity of 120 kg.

Electric Assist Bike

This amazing bike has a rear-drive 500W brushless motor powered by a 48v Samsung lithium battery. With a loading capacity of 120 kg, this bike can attain a top speed of 25 km/h and cover up to 80 km. The thumb throttle system is efficient, and it has a comfortable alloy handlebar.

Also, the Seatpost is made of alloy with CNC, and the bike features a double-wall alloy rim and alloy cranks. The gear system is also designed to reach SRAM 7 speeds.

Order in Bulk

You can order these fast-selling beach cruiser and electric bike models in bulk. Send us your customer contact form to get started.

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