MTB e-bike

Mountain electric bikes are usually equipped with wide or fat tires with reflective stripe which are puncture-proof, straight handlebar, shock absorbers, strong 6061# aluminum alloy frame, heavy-duty Shimano derailleur and very powerful hub motor or bottom bracket motor with high-efficiency. Mountain electric bicycles start fast. Mountain e-bikes have large loading capacity and are more durable. MTB ebikes are adapted to uneven roads, mountain trails, grasslands, beaches and other rough roads. They have good off-road performance and are very good at crossing bad roads. There are many advantages of riding MTB e bikes: 1. When riding mountain electric bikes, you can breathe the fresh air outdoors and see the beautiful scenery, which is a good way to reduce pressure. 2. Riding mountain electric bicycle can exercise leg muscles, under normal driving, to walk 100 meters, turn times of leg are about 50. For longer walks, the more turns the rider makes. 3. Insisting on riding electric mountain bike can significantly enhance the heart and lung function. It speeds up blood flow, effectively increases metabolism, riding mountain electric bike is a good way to prevent heart problems and diseases. 4. You can get close to nature and feel the fun of sports and travel when riding mountain e-bikes.


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