Folding e-bike

Folding electric bicycle, belongs to a classification of e-bicycles. By folding the frame and folding the front and rear wheels together, the length can be reduced by about 45 percent. After folding, the whole folding ebike can be put into the folding bag, as well as the trunk of the car. In the process of folding, there is no need to use external tools, and the e-bicycle can be folded manually. Folding electric bike is easy to carry and comfortable to use, and its production technology is mature. Folding joint is the most critical part of the electric folding bike, it bears pressure from all aspects, so it must be very strong, at the same time, it must be easy to operate. The main products of electric folding bicycle mainly include 16 inches and 20 inches. Generally speaking, products with sizes of 16 inches and below are smaller after folding, which is easy to carry and transportation and suitable for short distance riding. If you often have to ride long distances, you should consider 20” foldable electric bicycle, not only ride comfort is better than 16”, frame will be stronger. Of course, long-distance cycling is best with products with derailleur. As for electrical components, such as motors, lithium batteries, controllers and chargers, folding electric bikes generally choose small and light components to reduce the weight.

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