City e-bike

With urban roads becoming increasingly congested and the COVID-19 outbreak, electric bikes are a good alternative to driving cars and taking public transportation, especially on sunny and comfortable days. City electric bicycles are mainly used for short-distance commuting on urban flat roads. The structure of city ebikes is simpler than that of mountain e-bikes, The saddle seat is usually big, which provides users with more stable and comfortable riding performance. They are suitable for both men and women. The operation, use and maintenance are very easy and simple. City electric bikes have various models such as men's models, women's models and the models specially designed for the old people who have trouble with their legs, which have low step and low saddle seat and are very convenient to get on and off. They are very suitable for the elderly to take short trips, such as going to the supermarket shopping. All models are equipped with 6061# aluminum alloy frame, light, safe, long-life, long driving distance, lithium battery which can be charged indoor or outdoor. Come on, ride your city electric bicycle, fully feel the wonderfulness and beauty of city, and make a contribution to environmental protection.

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