E-bike Kit

How to convert an ordinary bicycle into an electric bicycle with e-bike kit?
Raw materials:
A bicycle, a set of electric bike conversion kit including motor, controller, throttle and battery
1. Installation of motor (take hub motor as an example):
First remove the front wheel (rear wheel) of the bicycle, take off the inner and outer tire to the rim with the motor, and fill up the air. The rear motors also need to be fitted with flywheels (so it's easier to modify the front wheels), and then the wheels with the motors can be fitted.
2. Installation of throttle and handlebar cover
Right throttle, left handlebar cover.
3. Fixed cables:
Tie the throttle wire along the brake wire, the motor wire can be fixed to the frame, and then thread the throttle wire and motor wire into the battery box.
4. Connect the controller:
1) Motor line: the yellow, blue and green three thicker lines are phase lines, connected with lines in same color of the controller, five thinner lines are Hall lines, and the corresponding plugs of controller can be connected.
2) Throttle wire: generally, there are three red and black wires, which are connected to the corresponding plugs of the controller.
3) Battery: directly connect to the power supply, pay attention to the positive and negative poles, so as not to burn out the battery.
For more precise information, please refer to the manual of electric bicycle conversion kit.

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