Special Recommendation

Electric bicycle with lead-acid battery
In China and some developing countries, most electric bikes’ batteries are lead-acid battery. As we all know, lithium battery is lighter and smaller, so why can't it completely replace lead-acid battery?
First, lead-acid battery technology is more mature and reliable. In 1859, the first lead-acid battery appeared, after more than 160 years of development, lead-acid battery technology has been very mature, and it can adapt to more complex environment, even if the acid leakages, it is not easy to cause spontaneous combustion.
Second, cost advantage. Lead-acid batteries are not as complicated to make as lithium batteries, and after years of R&D, the cost has been reduced to nearly half the price of lithium batteries.
Third, there is a unified standard for lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries have been equipped with e-bikes for a long time. No matter what kind of lead-acid battery people buy, as long as it is the same model, they can replace battery by themselves, no need professional technology.
Fourth, electric bikes with lead-acid battery are usually equipped with iron frames, not aluminum alloy frames, and the configuration of other parts will be reduced accordingly, which further reduces the price of the whole ebikes.
The market in developing countries has always preferred low-cost products, so the e-bikes with lead-acid batteries are popular to a certain extent because of low cost, mature technology and unified standards.

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