Elektrolyten är huvudkomponenten i elcykelbatteriet

At present, the batteries used on electric bicycle include sealed lead acid battery, lithium ion battery, nickel hydrogen battery, lead cloth battery and so on.

However, the technology of lithium ion battery, nickel hydrogen battery and lead cloth battery are difficult to overcome in technology, so that fat tire electric bike cannot reach the level of mass commercialization at present. The sealed lead-acid battery, with its universal and mature production capacity, suitable for the public price, has become the mainstream products of the current electric bicycle manufacturers.

Electrolyte for battery of electric bicycle

At present, there are two kinds of electrolytes used in electric bicycle batteries, one is dilute sulfuric acid, the process is simple and the cost is low. The other is dilute sulfuric acid coated cadmium plate, the main principle is that silicon dioxide forms gel on both sides and top of the plate group, called colloidal battery.

This kind of battery is characterized by complex process and high cost. If it can be mastered, the acid storage capacity of the battery is about 6 ml more than that of each dilute acid type because silicon dioxide and dilute sulfuric acid form gel. Can increase battery life, and the capacity platform is more stable.

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