What Do You Need to Notice During Battery Discharge?

When the battery is out of charge, if it continues to discharge, it will electrolyze the electrode plate of the battery. More seriously, the electrode plate will fall off, the battery will break its internal circuit, and the battery can’t be charged and discharged.


As the best electric bike 2017 is discharged at a high current, the power will obviously decrease when the power is about to end. In this case, it is necessary to turn off the power supply and replace it with pedal bicycle, and charge to the power supply area in time, and it will be sufficient, which will not cause deep over discharge.


Someone will find that when the car is running out of electricity, the car will have electricity again for a while, but it is very easy to cause battery overdischarge if it is used frequently in the near future. However, in this case, the electric bik§Ö runs a little distance, and if it is often used, it is very easy to cause the battery to discharge.


The result of over – discharge is that the battery capacity decreases. No matter how long you charge and recharge for a long time, you can’t recover the original capacity. At this point, you think that the battery is not fully charged and will cause overcharge, and the battery capacity is getting smaller and smaller, and finally the battery is scrapped.


It can be judged through the speedometer, the maximum speed of the car with no speed limit jumper is about 20 km / h, the highest speed of the b§Ö?t electric bik§Ö 2017 is only 11 km / h when the electricity is running out.

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