Effect of Too Tight Brake on Electric Bicycle

This phenomenon usually occurs in electric vehicles with large capacity batteries.   With large capacity batteries, natural best ladies electric bike 2017 themselves have to get heavier. Therefore, in order to ensure the reliable brake safety while the vehicle is

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Concept and Classification of Electric Bike

Electric vehicles, in short, are electrically driven, electrically powered. The first electric car was built in 1834 and is driven by a DC motor.   According to the type of electric vehicles can be divided into: electric bicycles, electric motorcycles,

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Why do Electric Bike Batteries Have Problems Easily?

Electric bike are favored by consumers because of their advantages such as portability and non-pollution. Driving mileage is one of the main standards for consumers to measure the quality of electric bike, and battery is the decisive factor in exercising

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Three Key Parameters of Three-Stage Charger

The first important parameter is the low constant voltage value in trickle stage, the second important parameter is the high constant voltage value in the second stage, and the third important parameter is the conversion current. These three important parameters

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What about Three-Stage Charger

In recent years, the so-called three-stage charger is widely used in electric vehicles. The first stage is called the constant current stage, the second stage is the constant voltage stage, and the third stage is the trickle stage.   From

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Do You Know Negative Pulse Charger

Lead-acid batteries have a history of more than 100 years, the beginning of the world’s common along the point of aging and operating procedures: charge, discharge rate of 0.1 c is the battery capacity) longer life.   In order to

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