Why do Electric Bike Batteries Have Problems Easily?

Electric bike are favored by consumers because of their advantages such as portability and non-pollution. Driving mileage is one of the main standards for consumers to measure the quality of electric bike, and battery is the decisive factor in exercising the mileage. Among the numerous complaints about the quality of electric bike, the battery problem accounts for more than 95%, so where exactly is the problem?


Batteries used by best electric bike for hunting manufacturers are generally supplied by professional battery manufacturers. The quality of batteries produced by different brands and manufacturers has its own advantages and disadvantages. In order to participate in the market competition, individual manufacturers have a large price war to reduce the cost, the direct result is that the battery quality is reduced because of cutting corners.


In accordance with relevant regulations, batteries as the main component of electric bike, the corresponding “three packets” period. In the “three packets” period of battery failure, the producer should bear the corresponding responsibility.


In real life, some businesses or manufacturers neither have the professional knowledge of battery maintenance, the “three packets” of the battery also do not seriously deal with, and consumers can only pay for batteries.

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