History of the Electric Bike

In 1834, the German invented a simple motor;
In 1859, the French invented the lead-acid battery;
In 1870, Belgium invented the DC generator;
Finally in 1881, the French combined the DC motor and lead-acid battery and made the world’s first electric tricycle.
It was not until one hundred years later, in 1983, Shanghai, that Chinese two wheels electric bicycle was officially off the production line. FOREVER electric bicycle was put into production the next year. 45 thousand pieces electric bicycles were produced in the next eight years.
The situation at that time is similar to today’s new energy vehicles industry. Many people are doubt about its riding endurance, its mass production capacity and the fund in the near further. Which lead to a strange phenomenon. You couldn’t find an electric bicycle riding on the street at that time.
A few years later, in 1995, Tsinghua University developed an electric bicycle with motor on wheel.
It was at the end of the 20th century that Emma and Yadi, who are now famous, were founded.
Since then, we can see more and more e-bikes riding on the road of China.
Seeing from the long period, China’s E-bike development has several periods.
In 2000, with the breakthrough of technology and the improvement of performance, E-bike has become the substitute of motorcycle and bicycle.
In 2005, Emma bicycle enterprises in Tianjin turned to produce simple electric bicycles that can meet the needs of northern China customers.
In 2007, sales of electric bicycles have exploded.
In 2009, there were more than 2600 electric bicycle manufacturers who got the license to produce.
By the end of 2019, there are still nearly 1000 electric bicycle factories.
However, the historical mission of two-wheel electric vehicles in China is far from being accomplished at either high or low level.
For example, with the rapid development of some electric bicycles, more and more people become fond of them. In R & D and production process, many companies have obtained a number of R & D patents.
Many new e-bike factory greatly improved the riding feeling and have been loved by more users.
If the electric bikes are equipped with 48V/20Ah lithium batteries, they can travel up to 80km after fully charged. In the meantime, equip an Bosch motor and full hydraulic front and rear shock absorbers makes it more comfortable. There’s also an alarm with a one-button start, a remote one-button unlock, and a GPS.
Self-developed mini bike with baby chair, this bike solves the trouble for young mothers taking their children to ride electric bikes. There is a baby chair in front, so that adults can ride it at ease, and children can also rest assured. There are too many functions. We won’t list them all here.

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