Precautions for using electric vehiclesPrecautions for using electric vehicles

1¡¢The charging time of electric vehicle should not be too long. Overcharging will keep the battery at a high temperature for too long. High temperature will shorten the life of battery.?Many people have a misunderstanding that the charger is intelligent. It doesn’t matter how to charge the battery. So they leave the charger connecting with the outlet. Actually it will do harm to both the charger and the battery.
3¡¢Even if the electric vehicle does not in use, the battery also have power loss. Many electric vehicles could be fully discharged within one or two weeks. In order to protect the battery, it should be charged at least once in one or two weeks. The charging interval depends on the discharge speed of the electric battery. If you go out for more than half a year and no one will use the e-bike, it is better to remove the battery from the e-bike, at least cut down the negative connector. It helps to slow down the discharge and protect the battery.
4¡¢Accumulator is often used in electric vehicles. The storage capacity of batteries will greatly reduced after working a couple of years. In order to save money, many people will come up with such an idea: replace those batteries with second-hand renovated batteries. They often do not consider the specifications and brands of each battery. As long as the output voltage is the same, they will choose it. It is not recommended to do so. If these battery specifications are not suit, it will not only lead battery scrapping, but also damage the motor and other parts. If you need to change battery, it¡¯s better to replace the original battery pack with the same brand ones.
5¡¢When the electric vehicle is fully charged, remember to pull out of the the charger power plug first. Then pull out of the plug connecting with the e-bike, finally you can pull out of the connecting plug between charger and tram. If done out of order, it is possible to burn out the battery or charger. In addition, we should regularly check whether the electric vehicle circuit leakage or insulation damage. Electric leakage could make you injured during charging. More important, it will prevent short-circuit fire during charging or driving. Poor insulation of the wire will speed up power consumption.
6¡¢The electric vehicle line connector together with battery wires, should be regularly checked. If the connector is loose or serious oxidation, they will not only affect the driving performance, but also heat up the wire and battery, shorten the battery life, even burn the e-bike.
7¡¢Do not always park electric vehicles in humid environment, especially in the chemical raw material warehouse and other corrosive environment. Otherwise, metal parts and tires will corrosion, rust and scrap. In addition, try to avoid long-term sun exposure, which help avoid damage to the tires and seat.
8¡¢Check the brake regularly to prevent traffic accidents when it doesn¡¯t work. Check the tires damage to prevent having a flat tire during driving. Once the switch is locked and controller is not flexible, or occasionally failure, they should be repaired or replaced.
9¡¢Don¡¯t often overload when riding, which will do harm to the frame.

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