Tips to check and maintain mechanical failure of electric bike

What should we do if our electrical bicycle can¡¯t be charged?

First, turn on the?electric lock,?then check?whether the?charging port?have voltage.?If it doesn¡¯t have, the battery may probably has something wrong.

The internal non-recoverable failure must be sent to the original factory to repair.

Keep the battery at room temprature for some time if the?temprature of the battery is?too?high.?Then check if it will work. If not,?return it to the original factory.

Check?the output voltage of the battery?to see if?it is within the limit of charging voltage.

If not, it¡¯s the internal failure.


What should we do if our e-bike is out of power?

Check whether all the wires?connected to the controller is loosen or not, if not, change a new controller.

Check the output voltage of the battery?when it is on and off situation. If the voltage is low,?just charge it. If it can¡¯t be charged,?change it.

Inspect the main cables. If they are all connected well, it¡¯s time to change it.


How to deal with it if our e-bikes often lose power while we are riding?

Make?sure?the connector?is?plugged?in?tightly?and?also?check?the?power?cables that?connect?with?the controller and motor.

If it decreases too fast after full charging, check?the controller or motor if they has power leakage or damage. If it has, then it¡¯s time to buy a new battery.


How to deal with poor battery contact?

Check the short circuit source of bike circuit,?reconnect the wire to its?good condition.

Change the battery?if it is in bad condition.

Check the output port

Turn down the battery and check the output voltage of the battery,?if the voltage is?very low,????Check if it can be charged or not. If can¡¯t be charged,?return it to the retailer.


How to deal with it if motor stop going?

Reconnect the port. If it still doesn¡¯t work. Go to the retailer to ask for after sale service.


What should we do if speed controller is out of control?

Maybe it is because the spring in the brake?is stuck,?open the regulator and adjust it to the right?position.

Maybe the internal Hall element fails to work, please contact the retailer?to repair or change it.


How to do if our e-bikes have significant reduction in mileage after first charge?

Check if the charger still work, if not, use a good one to charge again.

Check the battery condition whether the connector?is loose. If it is OK, then you also need to ?change?a new?battery.

Check the tire pressure, whether it is within normal?range.?If not, go on to check the load, if it?is serious overload that lead to?motor failure

Check whether the brake system is normal or not,?if it is stuck,?adjust it to good condition.

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