Effect of Temperature on Charging of Electric Bike

During the high temperature season, the storage battery is overcharged. When the battery temperature is increased, the activity of all active substances increases, the oxygen evolution potential of cathode decreases, and the oxygen evolution potential of negative electrode also decreases (minus value). Therefore, when charging, the charging speed is fast, the charging current is large, and the charging voltage needed for charging is low. It will affect the use of other parts, for example, best front wheel electric bike conversion kit.


In order to prevent excessive charging voltage, the temperature of battery should be reduced as far as possible to ensure good heat dissipation, to prevent charging after exposure to the hot sun, and to stay away from heat source.


At low temperature, the activity of each active substance decreases, the p dissolution on the electrode becomes difficult, the consumption of p during charging is difficult to be replenished, and the charge current decreases greatly. The charge acceptance current of the cathode plate at -20 ¡æ is only 70 of that of the normal temperature, while the negative charge is affected by the expander. The charge acceptance capacity at low temperature is even lower-20 ¡æ, and the charge acceptance current at 20 ¡æ is only 40% of the normal temperature.


Therefore, under the condition of low temperature charge mainly exists charge acceptance ability, charging problems, requirements to improve the charging voltage and charging time prolonged. Mainly from the anode to improve the low temperature performance.


When using at low temperature, some measures should be taken, especially when charging, it should be placed in a warm environment, which is helpful to ensure sufficient electricity, prevent the production of irreversible sulfuric acid, and prolong the service life of battery.


During the storage and use of the battery, the activation charge can be periodically carried out, that is, the so-called equalization charge, which is very beneficial to prevent the irreversible sulphation of the battery, and is very beneficial to the battery service life, which is worth advocating.

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