Five Key Points for Maintaining the Battery of An Electric Bicycle

The sun is strictly prohibited from exposure to the sun. Batteries for electric bikes should not be close to high temperature heat sources. During high temperature seasons, direct exposure to the sun is strictly prohibited (pay special attention to car storage in summer. Pay attention to good ventilation when charging, no matter electric bike vs motorized bike.


Replace battery in time.


If the battery ruptures, electrohydraulic leakage, the battery should be replaced to avoid acid corrosion.


Start with the help of a foot


When the electric bicycle starts, it should be started with the help of foot to avoid damage to the battery because the discharge current is too large. When riding, we should take care not to over discharge the battery, which can easily lead to serious battery loss, thus greatly shortening its service life.


Don’t overload.


The excessive load of the electric bicycle will inevitably lead to the increase of the motor current, which will lead to the over-discharge of the battery and the early attenuation of the battery, which will seriously affect the battery life. Some friends blindly pursue the load capacity of electric bicycle, especially the biking with people, which not only seriously violates the traffic regulations, but also is unfavorable to the maintenance of electric bicycle itself.


The battery is recharged at least once a month.


Battery can be charged after use, with charge can ensure the next trip smoothly. When the battery is not used, the battery should be stored with sufficient electricity and recharged at least once for 3 months to avoid irreversible sulfate salinization.

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