Prevent Loose and Unreliable Battery Connections of Electric Bike

If the contact is not firm and the degree of contact is light, the conduction will be poor, which will make the contact part of the line heat, the line loss is large, the output voltage is low, which will affect the power of the motor and reduce the mileage or can’t ride normally.


If the hub drive electric bike kit is not in contact with each other (most of the faults are at the end of the connection and the connecting part of the connection), the terminal will get a lot of heat, which will affect the combination of the terminal and the sealant, and a long time will result in the “acid crawling” phenomenon of the leakage.


If there is contact failure in the course of driving or charging, there may be an open circuit, a strong spark will occur when the circuit is broken, and the explosive gas inside the battery may be ignited.


The electric vehicle shall bear strong vibration during operation. Therefore, the reliability of all connections shall be examined. The connector shall be provided with ¡°self – locking ” function to prevent vibration and pull – off. Connect the connection line with the battery terminal piece, and use soldering tin to weld the connection with the connection line.


Under the sunlight, the temperature of the storage battery is increased, the activity of the active substances of the storage battery is increased, and the service life of the storage battery is affected. Electric vehicle users follow these precautions to maintain electric vehicle batteries, a group of electric vehicle battery use 2 to 3 years is not just a dream.

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